6 Random Games We LOVE


Bubble Bobble.
The seminal 2 player co-op plat former. This hit the arcades by storm with its quirky, cutesy presentation which was to be a main feature for later Tatio games. It represents the perfect example of easy to pick but tough to master! Featuring 100 levels of bubble blowing madness.


New Zealand Story
This game features a bow & arrow wielding kiwi on a mission to rescue his kiwi friends. Fiendish level design, awesomely weapon upgrades and tons of secret levels are the order of the day. A classic one player adventure plat former presented in that classic Tatio style.


Black tiger
After the trauma of Ghost n Goblins, Capcom decided to make this more forgiving, less well known classic. Still a very challenging game, Black tiger was an all-round masterpiece with great presentation, brilliant level design and one of the best arcade soundtracks of all time.


R-type 1 & 2
The king of the side-scrollers. In creating these monsters IREM ensured its place in history. R-type is considered one of toughest yet rewarding games of all time featuring a truly unique weapon system never seen at the time.


Street Hoop.
A great fast-paced 2-player basketball game. Lots of fun with a group of friends with good tournament potential.


This game represents the birth of the 'bullet hell' top-down scrollers. Everything about this game is over the top; The weapon upgrades, huge bosses, insane amounts of enemy bullets. A definite coin muncher! You'll see bullets in your sleep!

Top 50 Games

Street Fighter 2 Hyper Fighting
Street Fighter Alpha 2 & 3
Street Fighter 3 First Strike
Final Fight
Double Dragon
Jackie Chan
King of Fighters Series
Marvel vs Capcom
Waku Waku 7
R Type 1 & 2
Dom Patchy
Bubble Bubble
Pac Man
Ms Pac Man
Donkey Kong
Ghost and goblins
Ghouls and Ghost
Golden Axe
Michael Jacksons Moonwalker
Super Pang
Kung-fu Master
Black Tiger
Samurai Showdown 3
Metal Slug Series
Space Invaders
Alien vs Predator
Hyper Sports
Magic Sword
Three Wonders
Cadilacs & Dinosaurs
Shock Troopers 1 & 2
NeoTuft Masters
Space Harrier
Shadow Dancer
Bomb Jack
World Rally Championship