A Little About RetroGradeMachines

Our Encounter with Captain Retrograde

One day we were sitting at home bored and looking for something to occupy our minds. All of a sudden their was a stiff knock at the door and when it opened, Captain RetroGrade was standing in front of us! He told us how we can make our arcade cabinets; he told us a secret that know one else knows.


He then gave us his insight;
Do you remember how cool video gaming culture was back in the day?


He continued;
Have you noticed that there is no modern equivalent?


He emphasized;
All physical human contact has all but disappeared and hi-scores are based on kill/death ratios and how many hours spent grinding on some nondescript 3D world.


Finally he said;
Any human contact you do make through gaming is usually online and has a high chance that it is some troll sat in their darkened lair throwing insults thousands of miles away. It doesn't have to be this way!


Captain RetroGrade then said;
Go forth my fellow arcade adepts! Go build, multiply and fulfill your mission.”
He then disappeared as mysteriously as he appeared.


Introduction to RetroGradeMachines 

At RGM we assemble bespoke retro hand-made arcade cabinets packed with all of the classics that made the 80's and 90's gaming scene the golden era that it enjoyed back in the day. We utilize the latest modern technology to bring you reliability, efficient power consumption and extra features that the original machines could only dream of. Choose from hundreds of games and discover hidden gems that you may have missed or find that one game that stole your heart.

The Passion of RetroGradeMachines

At RetroGradeMachines, our mission is to bring back the fond memories of going to your local arcade or chip shop where you used to hang-out with your mates and spend hours of your pocket money trying to beat that hi-score that's been there for what seems like an eternity.

We are here to bring back that awesome sense of achievement, you felt when you managed to top an in-game high-score and become that mysterious person with the three letter tag at the top of the hi-score list.

All this is possible with RetroGradeMachines